Tree & Shrub Care

Tree care is a preventive service to prevent your trees and shrubs from disease and fungus. We offer multiple services for a variety of plants and trees such as pines, spruce, crabapple, boxwood, azalea, maple, oak, locust and linden. We can offer the 7 step program below or tailor your plant’s needs to just a few services.

7 Step Tree & Shrub Care Program

  1. Dormant Oil Spray- An application of horticultural oil to control overwintering insects such as; mites, scales and gall.
  2. Spring Fertilizer- Spring deep root feeding to encourage foliage health. 
  3. General Insect & Disease 1- Insect and disease control to control diseases such as apple scab, needlecast, and diplodia, and insects such as scale crawlers and aphids.
  4. General Insect & Disease 2- Insect and disease control to continue protecting against damage.
  5. General Insect & Disease 3- Summer insect and disease control. Mites are usually controlled during this application. 
  6. Fall Fertilizer- Deep root fertilizer to promote root growth and storage of nutrients to promote spring green-up.
  7. Anti-desiccant spray- Application to protect susceptible plants from winter’s damaging winds on boxwoods, azaleas and evergreens.